Portrait Photography Sydney

Sydney's Photoprofessionals are a one stop shop for all your portrait photography needs. We offer a wide variety of portrait services. You can choose between having your session in our Eastern Suburbs studio, or we can travel to any location in the Sydney metropolitan area - including the CBD, Inner west or north shore.

We process all images with Photoshop and provide the high definition jpegs on disc - ready to print. Alternatively, we can provide 300 - 600dpi prints.

Let our experienced photographers capture your important moments. Please follow the links on the right hand column to choose a service best suited to your needs.

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service. You can expect to have your finished photos within one week of the shoot.

What makes a great portrait?

1. Eyes: The saying goes that "the eyes are the windows to the soul". The eyes of the subject are the most important feature of a portrait. We often use manual focusing to optimize the sharpness of the eyes.

2. Using the right lens: This is critical to capture the proportions of the face. Inexperienced photographers will often use a lens that is too wide, thereby making the face look too thin and disproportionately large. We tend to use lenses with focal lengths of between 70-200mm. This gives a flattering effect as well as better depth of field.

3. Depth of field: This is the ratio of sharpness between the subject/foreground and the background. Balance here is very important. Many beginner photographers opt to completely blur the background in order to separate the subject from it. This is only recommended if the background is too busy or cluttered. Generally the background should be discernable in order to provide context to the photo.

4. Background objects: It is important to pay attention to what is right behind the subject. Many photographers discover afterward that a tree or a flag pole seems to be "growing" out of the head of their subject. Sure, it's possible to Photoshop almost anything our of a photo, but it's always better to get it right in the camera.

5. Shadows: Unwelcome shadows may appear in either daytime or flash photography. If the sun is behind the subject, an unwelcome shadow may be cast in frot of them. Likewise, when using flash, a nasty shadow may form on the wall. These are easily fixed by positioning the subject so the sun shines towards them and at night, asking them to be at least 3 metres from a wall.

Naturally, there is more to being a great portrait photographer than merely following a list, but we hope that the above helps with your own photography.


"... Delighted by the results and the speedy service. would definitely use photoprofessionals again..." Jenny - Maroubra

"... What a great surprise it was to receive the photo disc within 5 days of the shoot..." Bec - Randwick.

"... Thank you for a hassle free shoot..." Olga - Vaucluse

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