Event Photography Sydney


These are some of the things you may need consider before choosing an event photographer:

1. In Event photography Preparation is the key

You only get one chance at shooting an event! We make sure that we get to know the venue, are familiar with the lighting conditions and most importantly, have a shot list. We consult with the client as to which photos are important to them prior to the event or wedding day.

2. Backup equipment

We always carry a minimum of 2 cameras and 2 flash units. Cameras can break down and a wedding is the worst time for equipment failure.

3. JPEG or RAW?

This is a contentious topic among wedding and event photographers. The advantage of RAW over JPEG is that it provides more detail (about 10% more) and over/underexposed photographs can be corrected to within 2-3 stops as compared to JPEG. The big disadvantage is that the file sizes are considerably larger and the additional processing required is very time consuming.

We tend to shoot in JPEG. A typical 8 hour wedding photography assignment can result in 2000 images. There is very little real world difference in quality and most experienced photographers know not to over/under expose photographs.

4. Flash Photography

Some wedding and event photographers pride themselves on using only natural light. That could work some of the time, but an event or wedding is a very fluid situation. Lighting conditions can change in an instant and we often encountered occasions where there was insufficient light for correct exposure.

We always have either on-camera flash or stand alone units on standby when shooting indoors and often even use fill flash at outdoor functions on sunny days, especially around noon. The sun can create harsh shadows on faces and the fill flash balances the photograph.

5. Post Processing

There is still much debate about how much Photoshopping should be used. Some wedding and event photographers assert that good photography entails a great photo straight out of the camera. Others feel that the essence of digital photography is to be able to manipulate the photographs after they were taken. There is no right answer of course. Our approach is to use as much post processing as is necessary and no more. We use batch processing to correct every photo for colour and exposure and then use creative processing (eg Monochrome, selective colour, soft focus etc) at our discretion. This approach produces consistent results and happy clients.

We cover the following events:

- Weddings: You can choose formal or photo-journalistic coverage. We cover both civil and religious ceremonies as well as receptions.
- Social Functions: Private and corporate parties
- Charity events: We offer a 20% discount to all registered charities, NGOs and fund raising events.
- School Formals: Onsite photography of high-school formals.
- Concerts: We are passionate about music and have covered many classical, contemporary and rock concerts.